Kutachi Project

The emerging report from the Kutachi project. This is a collaborative project to develop a formal vocabulary for logical elegance based on intuitive perception of form.

About Metaphors

Published: 30 Sep 2013

This collection of essays on kutachi.tedgoranson.com has the following structure: We have some introductory material. This is followed by general discussion of some fundamentals that more or less describe the kinds of concepts the project are trying to convey.

Then we have four sections for the project proper:

  • some ideas having to do with new physical devices.
  • this section, which can be considered one of two core sections of the project. This is where we discuss the methods we will employ in the work. Links are dense coming in and going out. At kutachi.symmetry-us.com, we have an annotated bibliography of relevant on-line papers we maintain. Links from metaphors to paper summaries go each way. We also link from here to relevant sections below, for example if a metaphor is used in a proposed interface, there is a link to that essay.
  • a section where the metaphors are applied in example interface designs.
  • a section that further applies those suggested interfaces in a few application domains.

Each of these four sections is intended to be a tentative proposal, to be challenged, improved, modified and extended by the community via the comments. Each essay will be updated by me serving as editor.

The structure of the essays in this section is straightforward:

  • a description of the metaphor with the assumption that the reader knows little or nothing about it.
  • elaborations or variations that may be useful. (Both sections have links in and out to various sources.)
  • discussion of why and how we might use it.
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